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Date: 13/05/2024
Subject: SPIN2 Senior Discount
Seniors Discount on Title Searches
Overview of Senior Discount Requirements
On April 1, 2024, the Government of Alberta has implemented a senior’s discount on personal registry services. In addition to common registry services like driver’s licences, seniors are also eligible for a 25 per cent discount on title searches.
To be eligible for the discount, seniors must reside in Alberta and be at least 65 years old. The title search must be for personal use only.
Please note: This discount can only be requested by the individual themselves, an agent on behalf of the senior individual cannot request for the discount on their behalf. For example: A Lawyer or Realtor cannot request the discount on behalf of their Senior Client.
Product Types that are Discounted:
Title Searches
            ▪ Current Land Title Certificate
            ▪ Historical Land Title Certificate
Discounted Fee:
The regular price for title searches is $10 per title. With the discount applied the cost will be $7.50 per search (plus any Licensed Alberta Registry Agent Service Fees, if applicable).
Where can eligible individuals obtain a Title Search?
1. From any Licensed Alberta Registry Agent
                  ▪ Ensure you provide the registry agent with the legal description to the property.
                  ▪ Tell the registry agent you would like the seniors discount applied to your title search.
                  ▪ Find a licensed Alberta registry agent near you:
2. Online through SPIN 2
                  ▪ To do a title search online, go to www.spin.gov.ab.ca.
                  ▪ Refer to the “Seniors Discount – How to Order a Title Online” found below, for step-by-step instructions on how to order a title online.
                  ▪ You will require the legal description to the property. You can find the legal description on your:
                        - Property Tax Assessment Notice, or
                        - Property Tax Bill.
                  ▪ This will only be applicable to:
                        - Guest users
                          User will sign in as a “guest login” and pay with a credit card.
                        - Registered guest users
                          Users who have a log on ID name but are not connected to a Land Titles Account and pay with a credit card.
Note: not all historical land titles certificates can be obtained through Spin 2. If the title search is not available on Spin 2, you will receive a notification on your Spin 2 search stating:
“Cancelled Title was not found. Please submit a Service Request to Land Titles to perform a manual Historical Search for cancelled titles that may be on microfiche.”
Depending on when the title was cancelled, some historical titles must be ordered from the relevant Land Titles office. Should you receive this message, please see the contact section for Locations.
For additional information, please see our frequently asked questions regarding the seniors' discount, found below.
Disclaimer: Seniors who reside in Alberta and are 65 years of age or older are eligible to receive a 25% discount on title searches. The search must be for personal use only, and not conducted on behalf of an ineligible party or as part of providing professional services to a third party. Service Alberta will continuously monitor and pursue recovery of any discount claimed by unqualified individuals or for non-permitted purposes.
Seniors Discount - Frequently Asked Questions.pdf     Seniors Discount - Frequently Asked Questions Size: 167 KB
Seniors Discount - How to Order a Title Online.pdf     Seniors Discount - How to Order a Title Online Size: 1157 KB
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