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SPIN 2 Project Background

Staged Release Implementation
Phase 1 Release - October 1st, 2003
Phase 1 - SPIN 2 Implementation
Enhancements were made to the existing Land Titles internet data delivery system SPIN which provided online delivery of registered plans, survey control monument, township and soils data. In addition to the previous products, SPIN 2 also provided access to low volume land title searches and submitted requests for registered documents to the Online Documents System (ODS) for manual delivery to clients.
Note: The SPIN 2 System can be accessed using an ALTA account (requires logon name association to the ALTA Account) or by credit card and provides the ability to search for data either through key in of a text identifier (e.g. LINC Number, Plan/Block/Lot, ATS) or through map drill down on a location to which data is referenced.
Phase 2 Release - December 6th, 2004
Phase 2 - SPIN 2 Implementation
The second phase of SPIN 2 provided access to online digital documents and replaced volume land title data services previously provided by the ETS System and ad hoc "mainframe" reports.
Phase 3 Release - May 27th, 2006

Phase 3 - SPIN 2 Map Index enhancement providing improved access to title information:

  • Legend to help define map features
  • Titled parcels displayed at the urban detail zoom level
  • Mouse-over outlines titled parcel to full extents and displays LINC number
  • Polygon/Parcel Select feature highlights selected titled parcels
  • Multiple Parcel titles (i.e., condominium, mineral) available with one click on the parcel or mineral title symbol when information tool selected
  • Preview Title feature for map selected titles when information tool selected
  • Locate area of interest by Latitude/Longitude or 10TM Coordinates.
  • Zoom-In tool, use right-click to Zoom-Out
  • View on Map feature from the Search Summary results highlights selected parcel

Phase 3 - Additional SPIN 2 enhancements:

  • Multiple Survey plans file upload search by input file
  • Shortened check-out process from the Shopping Cart
  • Current and/or Current Historical Title selection from the Search Summary results
    Note: Search Cancelled Titles to see previous registered owner information. Current Historical Titles contain Current Title information and historical document registration information (e.g., discharges, transfer of instruments, etc.) if any
  • Printable receipt upon check-out
  • Customer Comments field, maximum 60 characters (will appear on Printable Receipt)
  • Additional Manage Account / View Spin2 Orders options (e.g., Printable List and Print Receipt)

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