Create Private Account
The Create Profile screen allows users to create a profile to capture security (i.e., password) and delivery (i.e., e-mail, fax or mail) information that will serve as default values when the user purchases a product.  SPIN 2 will then use this default delivery information that would otherwise have to be supplied with each new purchase from the system.
Registration also benefits users by allowing them to "manage" their account (e.g., reset passwords without Help Desk support, up-date profile/delivery information, etc.). The contents of a registered user's shopping cart, will stay until checked out, even if the user logs in and out of the system several times. In the event of a system malfunction (yours or SPIN 2's), registration allows the user to reorder the exact "same product" on the "same day" using the "same logon name" at no extra charge.
Logon Name Tips:

Your logon name must be a minimum of 6 characters to a maximum of 20 characters in length and should be generic in nature.  The logon name may incorporate spaces, periods, dashes or underscores "between" characters; however, it cannot contain a period as the last character or use a leading or trailing space.
Password Tips:

Passwords must meet the following rules and be changed at least once every 12 months or it will expire and require a password reset:
1. The password length must be a minimum of 12 characters
2. Must not include any portion of your logon name.
3. The password cannot be identical to a password used in the past for your SPIN2 account.
4. The password must include characters from 3 of the following 4 classes (e.g., MM~adm123456):
  • English upper case letters A, B, C, ... Z
  • English lower case letters a, b, c, ... z
  • Westernized Arabic numerals 0, 1, 2, ... 9
  • Non-alphanumeric (special characters), for example: !, $, #, %
Note: User login account is locked for 30 minutes after 10 logon attempts with an incorrect password.


Password Reset Question Tips:

The answer to your challenge question is case sensitive and will be saved exactly as entered. To reset your password in future, you must enter the challenge response exact as you do here. Please ensure that you choose a question and answer that you can easily remember.

Once your profile has been completed, logout and have the Contact Person for your existing Land Titles Account email or fax a request to have your SPIN 2 logon name associated to the account.  The contact person must provide the "exact" logon name you created, the Land Titles account number, their full name and a number where they can be reached (Email: or Fax: 780-422-2828).  Do not use your logon name to make purchases or add items to your cart before you have been notified by the Contact Person or the SPIN 2 Help Desk that your logon name has been associated to the account.  To avoid additional charges, if you have already added items to your shopping cart before requesting association, you must remove them from your cart before making your first purchase with your associated logon name, or if you have already made credit card purchases with the logon name, you must create a new logon name for association purposes.
Note:  If you created a SPIN 2 profile for the purpose of creating Document Registration Requests (DRRs) for submission to Land Titles or for making and managing regular SPIN 2 purchases by credit card, please be advised that you can start creating DRRs or searching SPIN 2 immediately.