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The SPIN 2 System is designed to be self-taught, it incorporates required search criteria with screen shots; click the Help button on the SPIN 2 menu bar for the search type selected. Additional self-teaching aids (e.g., instructional videos, user manuals, etc.) are available from the SPIN 2 News website.
Titles searched on the SPIN 2 System are in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. You must have the Adobe Reader, a free download available from Adobe, in order to view, print or save these files.
Selecting Search from the menu bar returns the main Search SPIN 2 for: screen and lists search options available.

The following search options are further refined in order to facilitate quick searches on behalf of the user (as stated above, for detailed search information, click the Help button on the SPIN 2 Menu Bar for each search type when selected):

Titles and Registered Documents

Note:  Lot dimensions are not shown on title searches, order the Survey Plan for that information.


Survey Plans


 Alberta Survey Control Markers (ASCM)


Province of Alberta Cemeteries Information

Once a user has selected a search option, entered the required search criteria and initiated a search, the results are displayed in a search summary. From the search summary, several new options as defined below, are now available to the user.

Note: All products in SPIN 2 are selected and saved to the shopping cart in a similar manner.


Icons Under View
Preview    (Free Service)  Returns a summary view of a title or a low-resolution view of a survey plan, township plan, surveyors field notes or Ottawa Index
View Full ASCM or Cemetery Details    (Free Service)  Returns a full view of an Alberta Survey Control Marker (ASCM) or Province of Alberta Cemetery Details

View Full Title   (Service Charge) Immediate Checkout - returns a full view of a title without the user having to checkout from the shopping cart (not available for guests or registered guests purchasing by credit card)

View On Map    (Free Service) Returns the Map of Alberta with the requested Title LINC, Survey Plan, ASCM or Cemetery displayed in the center of the screen
Icons Under Additional Searches
Cancelled Title Search  Returns a search summary list of the preceding cancelled title(s) for a given title from the point of conversion to the ALTA System (cancelled titles prior to conversion must be searched manually)
LINC Search  Returns a search summary list of either current title(s) or cancelled title(s) for a particular LINC Number
Registered Document Search  Returns a search summary list of documents affecting a given title (e.g., mortgage, caveat, discharge, etc.)
General Information
To add titles or other products to your shopping cart check the Add to Cart box beside the result(s) you need to purchase then click the Add to Cart button or use the Add all Current Titles, Add all Current Historical Titles, Add all Cancelled Titles or the Click here to add all features (there is a limit of 250 items per shopping cart for users associated to an ALTA Account and a maximum shopping cart limit of $100.00 for credit card users).
Note: Search Cancelled Titles to see previous registered owner information. Current Historical Titles contain Current Title information and historical document registration information, if any, for the current title only, e.g., discharges, transfer of instruments, etc..

Before adding a Current Historical Title to your shopping cart, use the Registered Document Search icon to view all registered documents affecting the selected title; if there are no registered documents or discharge type documents or transfer of instrument documents registered against the title, the end result is similar to the Current Title, it may be more cost effective to order just the Current Title.
Once you have added the selected item to your shopping cart, the Add to Cart box for that item "greys out", and you will not be able to select it again. Proceed to your next search, or if you are ready to checkout click Shopping Cart on the main SPIN 2 Menu bar.
For a Guest user without a logon name, email is the default delivery method for title searches, download is the default delivery method for all other Land Titles products, users may select another delivery option for these products except for instances where a product request exceeds the email file size limit of 6500 kb then email delivery is automatically removed. 

Note:  It is not necessary to use the Compress Files (ZIP) feature when ordering from SPIN 2, all files are compressed as far as they can be for delivery by Email or HTTPDownload. This feature is intended for users who typically order in excess of 10 or more of the same product types for Email or HTTPdownload delivery and who have a ZIP utility installed, e.g., WINZIP or alternate. Users who select this feature and do NOT have a ZIP utility installed will not be able to open their products. Some service providers may remove zipped files from email delivery, this is not a SPIN 2 issue, speak to your service provider before ordering to determine their policy regarding zipped file delivery.

Guests without a logon name must immediately download their product from the Delivery Status screen. If the Delivery Status of the order shows "Error", to avoid duplicate charges DO NOT RE-ORDER, contact the SPIN 2 Help Desk for assistance. Please print the receipt or make note of the  SPIN 2 Order number before contacting the Help Desk. 
Note: If you are unable to print the receipt or make note of the SPIN 2 order number, the Help Desk requires the following information:  The time of the order, the total overall price and details regarding the products purchased, e.g., September 19 at 4:37 pm, $10.00, title search by Title Number ... (or title search by LINC Number ... or title search by Short Legal ...).
The default delivery method for a Registered user (a SPIN 2 user with a logon name) is download; if desired, another delivery option may be selected. If the Delivery Status of a registered user's order shows "Error", they have up until the end of the current business day only to re-order, at no extra charge, the exact same product . Registered user's who have forgotten to download products have until the end of the current business day only to download products. For more information on retrieving products, click the Help button on the Manage Account - View SPIN 2 Orders screen.
As stated on the Checkout - Review Information screen once the Finalize Checkout button has been pressed, the total cost "IS" charged to your account or credit card and the order "CANNOT" be cancelled.
It is the responsibility of the user to review the contents of the shopping cart before completing the checkout process. If the total quantity or overall price does not agree with the search (e.g., you searched 1 title but there are several in your shopping cart) you must then either remove those items you do not require or remove all items and start the search again.  
For more details on the checkout process, click the Help button on the Shopping Cart - Summary screen.