Manage Account
From this main screen you can select one of the following options:
Edit Profile
Takes the user to the Edit Profile screen in order to update changes to your SPIN 2 Account Information or for changes to SPIN 2 Delivery Information.
Note:  You cannot update ALTA Account profile information from SPIN 2. Changes must be submitted to the Financial Services Department (Fax Number: 780-422-3112).

Change Password
Allows the user to change their password for security purposes or before password expiration (expires every 365 days). Passwords must not contain any portion of your logon name.


On the Change Password screen clicking on the Reset Challenge Question allows the user to change the challenge question and challenge response answered under the Create Profile screen.
Password Reset
If a password is forgotten or expired (expires every 365 days) or the account has locked up for 30 minutes (caused by ten login attempts with an incorrect password) scroll right past Account Login to Password Reset? Click here ...
The Password Reset screen allows users to reset their password based on the Challenge Question answered under the Create Profile screen. Select the challenge question and give the correct, case sensitive response.
Clicking on the Submit button returns the next screen. Enter, confirm and save your new password.
View ALTA Account Details
Allows ALTA account holders to view the status of their account and details on the financial postings of previous orders on their account for the past 90 days.
View SPIN 2 Orders
Allows users to view previous orders on Account or Credit (note, Credit applies to registered guests with profiles only). To limit the information displayed, enter a single Order Number, a Date Range (if no date is entered, the date range is automatically filtered to the maximum of 90 days), a Customer File Number or the Payment Reference Number, then click the View Orders button. To create a quick reference list of SPIN 2 orders for the search selected (e.g., Date Range) click the Printable List button (optional).
Previous Orders on Account
Previous Orders on Credit
Clicking on an Order Number from the resulting search list returns the Order Items screen from which you can find additional information regarding that order.
If required, users may also generate a Printable Receipt for the order.
From the Order Items screen, clicking the Product Type link returns the Product Type Detail screen summarizing the product(s) purchased under the order number (e.g., current title number 136J191).

From the Order Items screen, clicking the Encoding link returns the Delivery Information screen summarizing the delivery options (e.g., Email, HTTPDownload, etc.) and status (e.g., produced, delivered, etc.) under the order number. When the order you are viewing is for the current business day, and download is the delivery method, then the product will be available for download up until the end of the current business day only. 

If your order contains different product types, use your browser's back button to return to the Order Items screen and download the next product type. 


Note: The electronic delivery channels HTTPDownload and Fax will show a Completed Date and a Produced Status. Email Electronic will show a Completed Date, a Delivered Date and a Delivered Status.

If the delivery status shows Error, users with a logon name can re-order the same electronic product on the same day at no extra charge. Users logging on as a GUEST must immediately contact the SPIN 2 Help Desk to have their orders replaced. If the product requested is a 'hardcopy' delivery product, ALL users must contact the SPIN 2 Help Desk to have the order replaced, .