Map Search
Allows the user to locate a variety of information (e.g., titles, plans, place locations, etc.) from the Map of Alberta.
Users having a problem viewing the map can go to SPIN 2 Publications to download the SPIN 2 Map Controls. In most cases these controls download automatically without a problem, however, other users may be prompted to download the controls. Those users, who did not agree to download the controls or have "locked down" computers and/or firewall security in place, will not be able to view the map until the controls are in place.
Note: Newer operating systems have a 32-bit and 64-bit version of Explorer installed, the 64-bit version does not support the required Active X controls, users must switch to the 32-bit version to install the map controls and use the SPIN 2 Map search feature.

Land Titles does NOT guarantee Map Search results for a variety of reasons. For example, mapping files for the Province of Alberta are supplied by several entities and may take several days to load depending on their complexity; for up-to-date title information always use the "regular" Search SPIN 2 for Titles and Registered Documents feature.
Note: As with any system this complex, an occasional discrepancy may occur, please advise the SPIN 2 Help Desk so that the issue may be resolved (

When using polygon or radius map search features to retrieve titles, results may exceed expectations since any portion of a title lying within the boundaries of the polygon or radius distance will also be returned, even if the bulk of the title lies without the polygon or radius limits. Before using the Titles icon to return results to the Selected Titles screen, click the Parcel Select icon, the system will then highlight the parcels that WILL BE returned, if necessary adjust the polygon or radius search accordingly.
Standard ATS title searches may also have slightly different map results depending on the search used. For example, when using the View on Map feature a "regular" Standard ATS search matches 'exact' values for a title in the database. Standard ATS searches from the map are calculated using a known "bounding square of X Y co-ordinates" for the quarter section, the system then asks for all titles in that area. Upon occasion there may be subtle overlap in drafted line work (that is not visible to the eye) which results in a co-ordinate or part of an arc from other titles that may lay inside this boundary area to also be returned.
It is for reasons like these that Land Titles recommends that the map search be used for confirmation purposes only. If you choose to use this as your method of product selection then it will be your responsibility to confirm search results and to select and add only the required titles or products to the shopping cart for checkout. Land Titles will NOT provide refunds for orders placed using polygon or radius searches.
By default, the map opens with the Zoom Area tool selected. Clients may use this tool to select an area of interest. Click, hold and drag a window over the desired search area, once you release the mouse button a new window appears; continue to click, hold and drag with the Zoom Area tool to refine your search. As you zoom in (drill down) further, more themes are turned on resulting in a more detailed map. Themed items (plan numbers, lot numbers, lot boundaries, etc.) may be turned on or off to clarify the area viewed (click Themes Tab).
Newly registered plans of survey (prefixed with the letter N), not mapped as yet, will be listed immediately upon registration at the center of the quarter section, along with any monument plans (prefixed with the letter M) within that quarter section. (Note: Once the plan is mapped, the registered number will be removed and shown within the mapped area.). Click the Legend Tab for an explanation of map symbols or values (e.g. good ASCM marker versus Anomalous ASCM Marker).
The following tools allow the user to locate a variety of information (e.g., titles, plans, place locations, etc.) using the Map of Alberta.
Zoom In/Out - Left click to zoom into the map, right click to zoom out
Zoom Area - Click, hold, drag and release to create window, continue click, hold, drag and release or left click to zoom into the area of interest (use Zoom to Full-Extents or Zoom In/Out, if you have zoomed in too far)
Zoom to Full-Extents - Returns map view to the original urban/rural detail map size selected after zooming in (dependent on level zoomed to)
Pan - Used to quickly move around the map in any direction or to set specific From and To points on the map (e.g., select a parcel From an area on the edge of the map, place the pan symbol in the center of that parcel then hold and drag the symbol To the center of the map)
Map Tools
Select Item - Place the Select Item tool anywhere within a parcel or in the centre of a Mineral/Multiple Title Marker, ASCM, Plan, or Cemetery File Number and left click, a window opens up displaying the selected item, several options are available (e.g., Preview Title or Plan, view Cemeteries or ASCM Information, Add To Cart, Return To Map, etc.)
Measure Map - Used to measure the distance between two points on the map, click and hold a line, the distance, in metres, will be displayed along the Status Line
Toggle Coordinates - Allows the user to toggle or switch between 10TM coordinates or Latitude/Longitude coordinates
Print - prints the area displayed within the Map Window
Polygon Select
Draw Polygon - Use to draw polygon, line and buffer or point and radius map searches for Titles, Plans or ASCM (use a series of left clicks to create a closed polygon, left click to create line points right click to end, left click then right click to create single search point)
Parcel Select - Highlights parcels within selected polygon, line and buffer or point and radius map searches
Clear Selection - clears polygon, line and buffer or point and radius searches from the map view
Titles - Returns titles to the Selected Search screen from polygon, line and buffer or point and radius map searches
Plans - Returns survey plans within a polygon map search to the Search Survey Plans by Polygon screen
ASCM - Returns Alberta Survey Control Markers within a polygon map search to the Search ASCM by Polygon screen
Buffer Size - indicates the area, in meters, for line and buffer or point and radius map searches, can also be used with a Select Search Type (e.g., search a LINC Number, enter the desired buffer radius and click Parcel Select, all titles within the buffer zone will be highlighted)
Use the Find option to quickly drill down to a specific area of interest, e.g., if you know the Survey Plan number within the area of interest, select Survey Plan from the drop down pick list, enter the survey plan number and click the Find button. The requested plan will be returned to the center of the map search viewing area. 
Find options include: 

Survey Plan - enter survey plan number
Standard ATS - enter Standard ATS reference
NonStandard ATS - enter NonStandard ATS reference
LINC Number - enter the 10-digit Land Identifier Numeric Code (LINC) number
Place Name - enter place name (wild card allowed)
Settlement Lot - select lot from drop down pick list
ASCM - enter ASCM number
Coord 10TM - enter X/Y values
Coord Lat/Long - enter degrees, minutes, seconds
Street Address - enter house number, street name, street type, quadrant and municipality

Information for the Street Address search is provided by the Federal National Road Network and is not guaranteed or supported by Alberta Land Titles or the SPIN 2 Help Desk. Due to existing limitations the Street Address search only bring users to the general location of the address searched, therefore properties are not highlighted in SPIN 2. To further locate the required property, use the map navigation tools to move around (e.g., the ZoomIn/Out or Pan tools or the north, south, east, west and the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest directional arrows. Once the title has been located, under Tools, click the Select Item icon, then place the cursor in the middle of the title and left click to return the Selected Title pop-up window, from there the title can be added to the shopping cart for checkout.
Note: The onus of title selection lies with the user, Land Titles will not be responsible for any costs incurred by incorrect title selection.
Rural addresses typically do not yield any results and at this time searching by Township Road is not an option (this may change in the future as the National Road Network is updated once a year).
Note: Addresses as shown on title may not be the physical address of the property it could be the owner's mailing address for service only.
When using Find by Place Name, a wildcard (*) feature can be used if you are uncertain of the spelling. For example, if you want to go to the Town of Coronation, type in Cor* and click the find button. Double-click on Coronation (Town) from the list. The map of Coronation is displayed in the map search window.
Continue to zoom in until you can clearly see the area of interest (e.g., title parcel, plan, ASCM, ETC.). Choose the Select Item tool to retrieve the item, e.g., place it anywhere in the parcel you are interested in, the parcel is highlighted, outlined and the 10-digit LINC number displays as a tool tip, left click to return the selected title, several options are available (e.g., Preview Title, Add To Cart, etc.).
Another method for Title, Plan or ASCM search is to use the Draw Polygon tool. Zoom in to the area of interest, select the tool and define the shape of the polygon then select Search Titles, Plans or ASCM. Do not search too large an area, as there are limits to the number of returns that can be handled by this type of search.
All titles, plans or ASCMs within the polygon area will be returned to the selected product screen, e.g., click the Search Plans icon to return all survey plans within the polygon, use the Return To Map button to return to Map Search.
Use the Draw Polygon tool to do a line buffer search; left click to create line points right click to end line points then enter the buffer radius. Clicking Parcel Select highlights all parcels within the buffer radius on the map, click the Search Titles icon to retrieve title information.
To do a point and radius search select Draw Polygon tool, left click then right click to create search point, enter buffer radius and Parcel Select to highlight parcels or Search Titles to retrieve title information (may also be used with Select Search Type features, e.g., Find a LINC Number on the map, enter buffer radius then click Parcel Select to highlight or Search Titles to retrieve title information).
If more than one LINC exists for a highlighted (Multiple) parcel, clicking the information tool in the highlighted parcel returns all titles within that parcel.