DRR Overview
Alberta Land Titles is proceeding with a proposal to develop an ALTA 2 Digital Submission Process and Pending Registration Request Listing service. The new online Document Registration Request (DRR) web form is the first of three phases making up a new ALTA 2 Digital DRR Submission Process (DPR1). Registrants may search the Pending Registration Request Listing (PRRL) to assist in proceeding with transactions prior to the actual examination and registration of their documents.
As with SPIN 2, the Document Registration Request (DRR) application is designed to be self-taught using mouse-over help tips. For detailed information, including screen-shots, click the Help button on the SPIN 2 Menu bar for the DRR feature selected. Additional self-teaching aids (e.g., instructional videos, user guides, etc.) are available from the SPIN 2 News website.
Document Registration Request forms created through SPIN 2 are in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. To use this application, you must have the latest version of the Adobe Reader (v.8), a free download from Adobe.
Note: Version 7 is the lowest version of the Acrobat Reader supported by the DRR application.

Click DRR, on the main SPIN 2 Menu Bar, to return the Document Registration Request (DRR) Menu.



Create DRR


Although the Create DRR option allows the user to immediately create an Online Document Registration Request, for submission to Land Titles, it is recommended that regular users first create their DRR Profile.


DRR Profile

The DRR Profile allows registered SPIN 2 users (i.e., users with a SPIN 2 logon name and password) to enter and maintain default information (e.g., ALTA Account or Party Code Name, Number, delivery information, etc.). Default information is used to auto-populate Create DRR fields, providing a time saving convenience for the user.
Note: Only one DRR Profile is allowed per SPIN 2 Profile.

Modify DRR


If required, Modify DRR allows the user to modify an existing DRR accordingly (e.g., incorrect delivery information can be amended, documents and other services could be added or deleted, etc.). Modification of a DRR results in a new sequential Version # of the same DRR; submission of a DRR with an incorrect Version # will result in rejection.
Note: Once a DRR has been marked as received by Land Titles, the user cannot further modify an existing DRR.


Search DRRs Related to Land ID

Search DRRs Related to Land ID allows the user to search the Pending Registration Request Listing for pending DRRs by a specific Land ID.
When an online DRR is created, a copy of the DRR is automatically transferred to the Pending Registration Request Listing (PRRL) service in Spin2; however, it does not receive registration priority in the pending registration queue and is not searchable in the PRRL. Only when the DRR and original documents have been received, and the DRR is barcode scanned at Land Titles, will registration priority be assigned and the DRR become searchable.
If a DDR is found, the registrant may contact the corresponding party using the information provided by the PRRL to clarify and then proceed with the transaction if they so choose. Information available in the Pending Registration Request Listing (PRRL) service, coupled with the use of protocol closings, should enable most sale and mortgage transactions to be completed in advance of the formal examination and subsequent registration of documents at the Land Titles Office.
Note: Land Titles does not verify the accuracy of the pending registration request search results returned. Search results depend on correct data submission by registrants.