Search DRRs Related to Land ID


The new Pending Registration Request Listing (PRRL) is designed to assist registrants in proceeding with transactions prior to the actual examination and registration of their documents. Registrants may search the PRRL for pending registrations for a given Land ID.
Note: Land Titles does not verify the accuracy of the pending registration request search results returned. Search results depend on correct data submission by registrants.
When an online Document Registration Request (DRR) is created, a copy of the DRR is automatically transferred to the PRRL service in SPIN 2; however, it does not receive registration priority in the pending registration queue and is not searchable in the PRRL. Only when the DRR and original documents have been received, and the DRR is barcode scanned at Land Titles, will registration priority be assigned and the DRR become searchable.
If a DRR is returned, the registrant may contact the corresponding corporate party, using the information provided in the PRRL, to clarify and then proceed with their transaction if they so choose.
Note: N/A indicates an individual whose contact information is not available due to Land Titles privacy management policies.
To print the Pending Registration Request Listing search results, click the print button on your browser's toolbar.
Note: For printing purposes the Landscape layout works best.
Select Search Type
Users should do a title search to verify that the Land ID is still current, before searching the Pending Registration Request Listing.
Land ID formats follow normal SPIN 2 search formats; only one search type may be entered at a time. The search type for this feature defaults to Title Number, use the drop-down menu to select another search type.

PBL (Plan / Block/Unit / Lot)
Plan (7-character alphanumeric value)
Block/Unit/Parcel (4-character alphanumeric value)
Lot (6-character alphanumeric value)

Note: The Create DRR range limit of 100 for Block/Unit or Lot values does not apply to this search feature.
Enter the appropriate values; then search.
Standard ATS

MER - (Meridian) (west of the 4th, 5th or 6th)
RGE - (Range) (1-30)
TWP - (Township) (1-126)
SEC - (Section) (1-36)
QTR - (Quarter Section) (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW)
LSD - (Legal Subdivision) (1-16)
Enter the appropriate values; then search.

Non-Standard ATS

MER - (Meridian) (west of the 4th, 5th or 6th)
RGE - (Range) (1-30)
TWP - (Township) (1-126)
LOT - (Survey Lot Number) ((2-character alphanumeric value
TYPE - (Survey Lot Type) (RL, SL, or OT)

Enter the appropriate values; then search.

LINC Number
The same LINC number may be associated with multiple titles having the same parcel boundary (e.g., mineral rights, air rights, leasehold/sub-leasehold rights, life estate rights or multiple interests); all DRRs bearing the same LINC number will be returned.


LINC                                                             (10 digit Land Identifier Numeric Code)

Enter the appropriate LINC Number; then search.

Title Number


Title Number                                                  (12-character alphanumeric value)

Enter the appropriate Title Number; then search.