Search ASCM by NTS MapSheet
Allows the user to search for Alberta Survey Control Markers (ASCM) using the National Topographic System (NTS) mapsheet name or number, which identifies the survey control index map(s) that include the marker.
Mapsheet Name - For rural index maps the mapsheet name is consistent with the Canadian NTS 1:250 000 map name. The mapsheet name for urban index maps includes the name of the surrounding municipality or municipalities; a series of index maps exist for the cities of Calgary (Calgary A to H) and Edmonton (Edmonton A to H).
Mapsheet Number - The mapsheet number for rural index maps is a 5-digit number based on both the latitude and longitude of the southeast corner and the mapsheet's three-character NTS 1:250 000 map number (only the 5-digit latitude/longitude number is used for search purposes). For urban index maps the Mapsheet number is the 1:5 000 3TM map number based on the 3TM northing and easting of the mapsheet's southeast corner.
Marker Condition - last reported physical condition of the marker; only markers meeting exact condition(s) chosen will be returned (marker conditions originally chosen remain selected until changed by the user)
  • Installed - marker recently installed in the field (complete location description or field inspection report pending)
  • Good - latest field inspection reported marker to be in good physical condition
  • Anomalous - marker appears unstable as result of data processing by Director of Surveys (DOS), or by evidence reported by an Alberta Land Surveyor re physical damage or disturbance
  • Destroyed - marker certified "physically lost" after a thorough search by an Alberta Land Surveyor
Marker Type - general format of the ASCM ID Card Type; only markers meeting exact type(s) chosen will be returned (marker types originally chosen remain selected until changed by the user)
  • Preliminary - new or recently installed marker with coordinates that have not been approved/adopted by DOS or coordinates/elevation for a published marker due to be revised by DOS
  • Final - rural/urban markers that have been approved/adopted and published by DOS
Card Format - ASCM ID Card produced formatted to either UTM or 3TM coordinates (card format originally chosen remains selected until changed by the user)
  • UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator - mapping plane zone is 6 degrees wide (UTM central meridians in Alberta are 111 and 117 degrees west longitude)
  • 3TM - 3-degree Transverse Mercator - mapping plane zone is 3 degrees wide for urban ASCMs and 2 or 4 degrees wide for rural ASCMs (3TM central meridians in Alberta are 111, 1114, 117 and 120 degrees west longitude)
Note: For 3TM urban ASCMs the zone is 1.5 degrees wide on either side of the central meridian. For 3TM rural ASCMs the zone is 1 degree wide on either side of the central meridians of 111 and 117 degrees west longitude and 2 degrees wide on either side of the central meridians of 114 and 120 degrees west longitude (Alberta only).
Enter the mapsheet name or the 5-digit latitude/longitude mapsheet number then search; ASCMs are returned to a search summary results grid.
Note: If required, click the "Printable List" icon to create a list of all search results returned to the grid.
Under "View" click a "View Full ASCM" icon to retrieve an individual ASCM ID card or click the "View on Map" icon to locate the ASCM on the Alberta Map.
Note: Multiple ASCM ID cards may be added to the shopping cart for checkout (maximum 250 per cart), upon checkout they will be combined into a single .pdf file format for download. If necessary, card format can be changed from the shopping cart by using the drop down menu.
Enter mapsheet name.
Enter mapsheet number.
Note: ASCM information, made available through the Spin System, is not guaranteed or supported by the Spin2 Help Desk. For support, contact Geodetic Control Unit - Alberta Environment and Parks (Telephone: 1-780-422-1291 or Fax: 1-780-427-1493).

For more detailed explanations of ASCM information see the Alberta Survey Control Products Manual.