Search Cancelled Titles by Title Number

Note:  Search cancelled titles to determine why a title was cancelled or to find previous owner information.

Allows a user to search the cancelled title(s) that preceded a given title from the point of title conversion to the ALTA System (cancelled titles prior to conversion must be searched manually). This search is also applicable to cancelled Non-Patent Land Sheets, as they are a form of title. Search results are returned in levels.
Search Levels
The highest level (e.g., 4) indicates an original converted title in a title chain. Each descending level (e.g., 3, 2, 1) thereafter indicates a cancellation of the title in the title chain.
Multiple values of the same level (e.g., 3) indicate more than one title was cancelled to create the next descending level in the title chain. In order to avoid confusion within the summary list search results, the cancelled title chain will stop when this occurs.
A continued search of cancelled titles for each title at this level of the chain can be made using the Cancelled Title button under Additional Searches. For example, a continued search of Title Number 942031346 from the previous screen returns the following:
A zero (0) level indicates the title number, as shown, is the last title in this branch of the title chain (level 2 being the original converted title), return to the previous screen to search the next multiple value title in the chain.