Search Cemeteries by Place Name
Allows the user to search for cemeteries within the Province of Alberta using a known place name (cities, hamlets, towns or villages only) or by partial place name match.
Note: Users looking for information on specific burials within a cemetery must contact the cemetery owner, as burial records are the responsibility of the owner.
Enter the complete place name or a portion of the name (e.g., enter Hy for cemeteries in all place names incorporating Hy anywhere in their name) then search, results are returned to the Search Summary.

Under the View column, click the Cemetery Details icon to retrieve detailed Cemeteries Information or click the View on Map icon to locate the cemetery on the map of Alberta (if the Cemetery ID file number has not been mapped, the View on Map icon will not be available in the Search Summary).
A Cemetery ID designated FCA indicates the cemetery has been issued a Final Certificate of Approval. Burials, with the consent of the cemetery owner/operator, may only take place in cemeteries that have been issued a final certificate of approval.
A PCA designation indicates a Provisional Certificate of Approval. A provisional certificate of approval may be granted for the operation or establishment of a cemetery, such as the development of walkways and roadways, but does not authorize use of the proposed cemetery site for burials.
The designation CIF indicates a Cemetery Information File, this means Alberta Government Services has information on an old cemetery or burial site; no further burials can take place in these cemeteries or burial sites.
The Cemeteries Information screen may also include an attached sketch of the cemetery location if available; click the Display Sketch icon.
Note: Cemeteries information, made available through the SPIN System, is not guaranteed or supported by the SPIN 2 Help Desk. For support, contact Service Alberta (Telephone: 1-877-427-4088 or E-mail: