Search for Condominium Additional Plan Sheet

Note: Unit dimensions are not shown on the Condominium Additional Plan Sheet, order the Condominium Plan for that information.

The Condominium Property Act provides that certain instruments, which affect either the common property or the condominium corporation, are to be registered against the condominium plan. An additional plan sheet has been added to all condominium plans for this purpose.

Enter the plan number of the condominium you wish to search.   Be advised that a condominium re-division plan number, if entered, will return the original condominium additional plan sheet from which the re-division originated.

A cancelled condominium additional plan sheet indicates that the status of the condominium has been terminated; although there are some exceptions, in most instances the condominium parcel reverts back to the previous legal description. To search for the current legal description of the parcel, use the 9-digit registration number of the termination to Search Titles by Title Number.
Note:  For condominium plan title searches using the Plan/Block/Lot title search function, the condominium additional plan sheet will be presented to the user in addition to land titles.