Search Survey Plans by Cross Reference
The search survey plans by cross reference feature allows users to search for new plans created, if any, which may affect an existing registered plan.
plannumber (non-case sensitive, with no spaces)
For example:

Enter an existing plan number and click the Search button; a Search Summary list is returned to the screen.
From the summary list, users can add plans to the cart for downloading, view plans at a low-resolution by clicking the Preview Survey Plan () icon, locate plans on the Alberta Map by clicking the View On Map () icon, or view registration details by clicking the ALTA View Plan () icon.
Note:  ALTA View Plan fields may be blank due to details not being entered or required at the time the plan was registered.

When locating the plan on the map, the selected plan number will appear in the center of the map search screen; to return to the summary list, click "Go back to search page." in the bottom right corner of the map search screen.

For quick reference purposes create a printable list of summary results, click the Printable List button underneath the Search Summary. As new survey plans are created, they are added at the top of the search summary results, the printable list can be used for comparison purposes when checking for new plans on a regular basis.
For convenience, when a plan appears more than once in the Search Summary list, it is only necessary to add it once to the shopping cart, all other instances of the plan will grey out and cannot be checked.