Search Survey Plans by Non-Standard ATS
The search for Survey Plans by Non-Standard ATS format is used to search parcels such as river lots (RL), settlement lots (SL), Indian Reserves (IR) and Hudson Bay Reserves (HB).
MER - Meridian (west of the 4th, 5th or 6th)
RGE - Range (1-30)
TWP - Township (1-126)
LOT - Survey Lot Number (2-character alphanumeric value)
TYPE - Survey Lot Type (RL, SL or IR)
MER-RGE-TWP-LOT w 4 - 26 - 55 - HB
MER-RGE-TWP-LOT   w 5 - 21 - 70 - IR
MER-RGE-TWP-LOT-TYPE w 5 - 8 - 21 - 99 - RL
Enter the ATS and click the Search button, a summary list of plans is returned to the screen.
From the summary list, you can add the plan to your cart for downloading, view the plan at a low-resolution by clicking on the Preview Survey Plan () button, locate the plan on the Alberta Map by clicking on the View on Map () button and create a Printable List.

When you choose to locate the plan on the map, the plan number selected will appear in the middle of the screen; click on "Go back to search page." to return to the summary list.

Note:  If you are not certain whether the Non-Standard ATS lot type is a river lot (RL) or a settlement lot (SL), entering either designation will return plans for either lot type.