Search Survey Plans by Radius
The search for Surveys Plans by Radius format is used when you want to search for plans of surveys within a radius of a known plan number or Alberta Township System (ATS) description.
The formats for plan number and ATS are the same as those shown for plan number and ATS search.
A summary list displaying all plans of survey within the area of the radius specified is returned.
From the summary list, you can add the plan to your cart for downloading, view the plan at a low-resolution by clicking on the Preview Survey Plan () button, locate the plan on the Alberta Map by clicking on the View on Map () button and create a Printable List.
When you choose to locate the plan on the map, the plan number selected will appear in the middle of the screen; click on "Go back to search page." to return to the summary list.

The maximum number of plans returned by a radius search is 250. If you exceed this limit you will be asked to reduce the search area.

You can either reduce the area (radius distances) searched or refine the legal description searched (i.e., search a particular quarter section as opposed to the whole section or township).