Search Titles by Plan/Block/Lot (PBL)
The Plan/Block/Lot format is used to search a title within a Plan of Survey or a unit in a Condominium Plan.  As well this format is used to search Settlement Plan lots and other non-standard Plan/Block/Lot formats.

Note:  To find previous owner information, search previously Cancelled Titles; click the Cancelled Title Search icon under the Additional Searches column.

Plan (7-character alphanumeric value)
Block/Unit/Parcel (4-character alphanumeric value)
Lot (6-character alphanumeric value)
PLAN: 8520447 BLOCK: 75 LOT: 1A
PLAN: 941JK BLOCK: RW LOT: 15 (Right of Ways - Pipeline, Sewage or Irrigation Canal)
PLAN: 977ET BLOCK: RLY LOT: 39 (Railway Plan)
PLAN: 2803AF BLOCK: 90 LOT: OT (Lane)
PLAN: FORTVER BLOCK: 2 LOT: 7,OT (Settlement - Range - Lot and Road Allowance)
PLAN: 8510001 BLOCK: A LOT: (Parcel)
PLAN: 8520447 BLOCK: 15 LOT: (Block or Unit)
PLAN: 7922641 BLOCK: CS LOT: (Condominium Plan Additional Sheet)
PLAN: RN43A    BLOCK: 42 LOT: 10             (Roman Numeral Plans - e.g., Plan XLIIIA)
PLAN: 8711159 BLOCK: RW LOT: (Right of Ways - Pipeline, Sewage or Irrigation)
PLAN: 9201S BLOCK: RLY LOT: (Railway Plan)
PLAN: 5281MC BLOCK: OT LOT: (Sites - Well, Meter Station, Plant, etc.)
PLAN: STALBER BLOCK: HB LOT: (Hudson Bay Reserve)
PLAN: 8521234 BLOCK: LOT: 14
Multiple searches for blocks/units/parcels within a plan may be requested by using either a comma or a hyphen (or a combination of both) between the block/unit/parcel values (lot values are not allowed).
PLAN: 8520487 BLOCK: 23-26 LOT: (multiple blocks , lots not allowed)
PLAN: 7922641 BLOCK: 1,7-25 LOT: (multiple condominium units)
Multiple searches for lots within a plan may be requested by using either a comma or a hyphen (or a combination of both) between the lot values, however, the block value (if applicable) must be a single value.
PLAN: 8520447 BLOCK: 75 LOT: 4,6,99 -118 (single block only allowed, multiple lots)
Multiple searches for alphanumeric values can only be requested by use of a comma, a hyphen is not allowed.
PLAN: 7521346 BLOCK: 2 LOT: 4A,5A,6A,7A (multiple alphanumeric lots, commas only)
The first 7 characters of a Settlement Plan are used as the plan number; for example, the plan number for Edmonton Settlement is EDMONTO.
In addition to a lot number, the Carcajou, Dunvegan, Fort Vermilion and Pelican Settlements, have an added value (i.e., block, group, or range) that must be entered in the block field.
In rare instances, the same plan numbers were assigned in both the Calgary and Edmonton Land Titles Offices. You must select the appropriate registration district to continue the search (i.e., the North Registration District, Edmonton, or the South Registration District, Calgary).
The short legal description is prefixed in the search summary with either an "N" or an "S" indicating the registration district, (e.g., Plan NC was registered in the Edmonton Land Titles Office).