Search Titles by Radius
The function of this search allows a user to search for titles within a given distance (radius) from the centre of a given point.  Enter the distance to be searched (a maximum of 10,000 metres); next enter either a LINC number or a legal description based on the Alberta Township System (ATS). Note: Non-titled parcels will not be returned by this search.
Land Titles does not guarantee Radius Search results; search results can include parcels whose boundaries lie partially within or touch the search radius (i.e., when the main bulk of a parcel lies without the radius boundary, it will be returned if even a small portion lies within or touches the radius boundary). Users must review the results and decide whether or not to order those titles that do not lie fully within the search radius. The printable list can be used to determine which titles to order.
LINC - Land Identifier Numeric Code 10 digit numeric value
MER - (Meridian) (west of the 4th, 5th or 6th)
RGE - (Range) (1-30)
TWP - (Township) (1-126)
SEC - (Section) (1-36)
QTR - (Quarter Section) (NE, NW, SE, SW)
LINC Number 0022022220
MER-RGE-TWP w 4 - 22 - 115
MER-RGE-TWP-[SEC] w 4 - 22 - 115 - [18]
MER-RGE-TWP-[SEC]-[QTR] w 4 - 22 - 115 - [18] - [NE]
The maximum number of titles returned by a radius search is 250. If you exceed this limit you will be asked to reduce the search area.

You can either reduce the area (radius distance) searched or refine the legal description searched (i.e., search a particular quarter section as opposed to the whole section or township).


If you need to do a radius search, using the same criteria on a regular basis (e.g., once a month), entering a date value in the "Last Date Changed" field will only return titles that have changed from that date to the present time. Changed titles do not necessarily mean a change of ownership; titles may have changed due to a variety of reasons (e.g., discharge of instrument, change of address, etc.).