Search Titles by Title Number
Allows users to search for a title by entering the title number in the title number field.

Note:  To find previous owner information, search previously Cancelled Titles; click the Cancelled Title Search icon under the Additional Searches column.

Title Number    (12-character alphanumeric value)
A search of a title number that is a duplicate (i.e., in rare instances the same number was assigned in both the Calgary and Edmonton Land Titles Offices) will return both titles. Calgary Land Titles Office titles are distinguished by the placement of a period (.) after the title number in the 12th position.

When searching a title number containing a "+" number extension the resulting title number appears in numeric values in the summary search list (e.g., 061016518+43 appears as 061016518043).

If the title number searched contains more than one LINC Number (i.e., there is more than one parcel associated with the title, e.g., Lots 1 to 17), the word "more" will appear under the LINC column.