Set Up Account
Registry Agents
From the Welcome screen, login using your existing Alberta Registry Logon ID and password. For SPIN 2 password resets contact the SPIN 2 Help Desk, for current Fines password resets contact the GOA Help Desk.
Other Account Holders
Logon Name and Password are determined when you create your SPIN 2 profile, from the "Welcome" screen, click on "Guest Login", say yes to the "Security Alert", click "I Agree" if you have read and agree with the "Copyright Statement" then select "Create a Private Account".
Next create your user profile by following the instructions on the right side of the screen (Note: For more detailed information on creating your SPIN 2 profile, click the Help button on the Create Private Account screen). Once your profile has been completed, logout and have the Contact Person for the Land Titles Account email or fax a request to have your SPIN 2 logon name associated to the account. The contact person must provide the "exact" logon name created, the Land Titles account number, their full name and a number where they can be reached Email:  or Fax: 780-422-2828).  Do not use the logon name to make purchases or add items to the shopping cart before you have been notified by the Contact Person or the SPIN 2 Help Desk that the logon name has been associated to the account.  To avoid additional charges, if you have already added items to your shopping cart before requesting association, you must remove them from your cart before making your first purchase with your associated logon name, or if you have already made credit card purchases with the logon name, you must create a new logon name for association purposes.
Note:  If you created a SPIN 2 profile for the purpose of creating Document Registration Requests (DRRs) for submission to Land Titles or for making and managing regular SPIN 2 purchases by credit card, please be advised that you can start creating DRRs or searching SPIN 2 immediately.

Note: If you would like to set up an account with Alberta Registries to charge purchases on the SPIN 2 System please contact our Finance Department (780-422-7812) for further assistance.