Cancelled Title

A certified Land Title Certificate that has been cancelled and replaced.
Note: Search cancelled titles to see previous registered owners.


Condominium Additional Plan Sheet

A certified certificate on which instruments affecting the common property or the condominium corporation are to be endorsed against the condominium plan.


Current Historical Title

A certified Land Title Certificate that describes current registered owner information, current registered document information and historical document registration information, if any, (e.g., discharges, transfer of instruments, etc.). Note: Search cancelled titles to see previous registered owners.


Current Title

A certified Land Title Certificate that describes current registered owner information and current registered document information. Note: Search cancelled titles to see previous registered owners.



The type of interest an owner has with regard to his/her land. May be one of the following:
a)       Fee simple
b)       Leasehold
c)       Life Estate
d)      Sub-Leasehold


Examiner The user that represent a Service Alberta (SA) Land Titles Analyst.  
Fee Simple The most comprehensive kind of ownership in land.  
Guest A public (i.e., credit card) user of the system. Guest do not have an ALTA account. User, Customer, Registered Guest
Immediate Checkout Allows users to view a Current/Cancelled Certified Title product online instead of adding the product to their basket and checking out before having the product delivered; does not apply to credit card users (i.e., guest or registered guest).  
Land Title Describes ownership rights to a parcel of land.  
Leasehold Estate Exclusive right to enjoy the possession and use of a parcel of land or other asset for a limited period. In contrast, a freehold estate is for an indefinite period.  
Life Estate Freehold estate for the life of a beneficiary (or tenant) that terminates on his or her death. Since it is not a legal estate, but only an equitable interest, the beneficiary has all rights except the right to sell the property.  
Long Legal The description of land that, for the Alberta Township System (ATS), sets out its quarter section, section, township, range and meridian references and that, for registered plans, sets out the lot, block and/or unit number with the registered plan number.  

Master Account

A primary ALTA Account. Such an account may have Party Accounts associated with it, but cannot be associated with other Master Accounts.

ALTA Account, Regulated Account

Master Account

An individual who logs onto an ALTA (Master) Account in SPIN2 at the topmost level, i.e. not logged onto a Party Account. This is significant since such users will see all Account Order Details created by Party Accounts below the Master Account.


New Password

A new password used to replace the Current Password.


Non-patent Sheet

A certified certificate on which instruments affecting non-titled Crown lands are to be endorsed.



Online Document Services – automated document request system.

Imaged document requests are delivered to the client by fax, email or download.

Non-imaged document requests are physically retrieved and manually delivered to the client by fax, mail, courier or call-box.



Products placed within the shopping cart for purchase.


Order Details

Outlines the quantity, type and total price of the product(s) sitting in the shopping cart and the delivery option(s) requested.

Shopping Cart – Summary,

Shopping Cart - Details

Owner Name

The name(s) of the person(s) entitled to the estate or interests as described in the Certificate of Title.


Owner Tenancy

The type of tenancy the owner(s) has in the land (i.e., joint tenant or defined/undefined tenant in common).


Package Type

Defines the way the product is packaged (ZIP, PDF, TIFF or Report form).



A specified area of land.


Party Account

A form of ALTA Account, called Party Code, which is used to loosely identify an individual associated with the primary ALTA Account.

A Party Account is associated with only one Account; it cannot be associated with other Party Accounts.

Regulated Account

Party Code

See Party Account.



The unique password created by users to access their accounts.


Password Authentication Parameters

The challenge question and case-sensitive challenge response values given by Registered Account users when they created their profile. These values will be used to authenticate users resetting their passwords in the event that they forget them.


Private Account

A registered account created by a User not associated with an ALTA Account. Private accounts must pay for all purchases with a credit card.

Registered Account,

Registered Guest


The legal description used for land that has been subdivided.

PBL   (Also referred to, in reverse sequence, as Lot/Block/Plan or LBP)

Plan Amendment

A detail of amendments or updates made to a registered Survey Plan.

Amended Plan

Plan Preview

A view of a Plan of Survey at a reduced resolution (either size or content).



A view of a document at reduced resolution (either size or content).



A single, physical product (e.g., Current Title Search, Plan of Survey, etc.).



Reference Number

A credit card reference number that is returned by EIGEN and provides a customer with a reference point to the credit transaction. This number is normally displayed on a receipt that is given to the customer.


Referred Account

An Account Role identifying users that access the system from a Trusted System but who do not have an ALTA Account to which to be mapped. (See Trusted Account.) This role is similar to Guest, but may allow users to realize different benefits based on their access from ASSET.


Registered Account

An Account that is formalized by registration within SPIN2 either through the direct creation of a Private Account by a credit card user, or by an upload of ALTA Account information (i.e., a Regulated Account).


Registered Account User

A user that has either an ALTA Account or a Private Account registered in SPIN 2.

User, Customer

Registered Document

A document endorsed against and affecting or modifying a Land Title Certificate, a Non-Patent Sheet Certificate or a Condominium Additional Plan Sheet Certificate (e.g., caveat, lien, mortgage, survey plan, transfer, etc.).

Encumbrance, Instrument, Registration

Registration Date

The date that a document was registered at the Land Title Office.


Regulated Account

A type of Registered Account directly associated with an ALTA Account within SPIN2. Because an Account Profile is customizable within SPIN2, it is necessary to distinguish a non-ALTA Account (i.e., Private Account) from an ALTA Account since there are rules around what may be modified in an Account Profile for an ALTA Account.

ALTA Account

Regulated Account User

A person logged onto a Regulated Account within SPIN2.

User, Customer

Role Type

The type of role associated with an Account to determine the Account Role.



A period of usage between login and logout/expiry.


Shopping Cart

A logical collection of products (Cart Items) that the user may choose to purchase. The contents of the Shopping Cart are converted to an Order when the user confirms the purchase of the items.

Cart, Basket

Short Legal Description

The legal description of a property displayed on a title. Can be either an ATS or PBL reference. An abbreviated format of the Legal Description for a parcel of land.


Survey Plan

A record of plans registered at the Land Titles Office (e.g., subdivision, road, right of way, etc.).


System Administrator

Common role used to describe individuals that administer SPIN 2 related systems. Such an individual must be associated with a Regulated Account


TIFF Document

An imaged document stored using the Tagged Image File Format.


Title Format

Acrobat PDF (certified), ASCII Delimited or Text Report


Title Number

Land Titles assigns a unique number to each new certificate of title. The number may be comprised of up to 13 characters and will appear on every title.


Title Rights

Indicates the rights type associated with the certificate of title. It may be one of the following:
a)       S - Surface
b)       M - Minerals
c)       B - both Surface and Minerals


Title Search

A certified copy of a Current, Current Historical or Cancelled Land Title Certificate or Non-Patent Sheet Certificate or Condominium Additional Plan Sheet Certificate.


Title Subset

Title subset describes parts of a title. Examples: Front and Back of Title, Front of Title, Back of Title.


Tombstone Account Information

The original ALTA Account information maintained in the ALTA System.

These values may be displayed to a Regulated Account User, but are not editable.


Trusted Account

A role used to identify a Regulated Account that is logged on from a Trusted System (ASSET).


Trusted System

A system with direct access to SPIN 2 over a dedicated network.



A person who accesses SPIN 2 for any reason whatsoever.


User Profile

Registered User information such as name, address or delivery preferences.


View Full …

A view of a product at full resolution (either size or content).