SPIN 2 Notice Board

Help Desk Information
Phone: 780-422-7874 (toll free from anywhere in Alberta by first dialing 310-0000)
Fax: 780-422-2828  Email:

SPIN 2 Hours of Availability
Monday to Friday - 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday - 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday - 12 noon to 5:00 pm
SPIN 2 Help Desk Availability
Monday to Friday (except Statutory Holidays)
8:15 am to 12:00 noon
12:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Should problems occur with an order, to avoid duplicate charges, GUESTS without a logon name must send an email to the SPIN 2 Help Desk; emails are answered in the order received Monday to Friday between 8:15 am and 4:00 pm (spin2 @gov.ab.ca). When contacting the Help Desk, if you cannot provide the Order or Payment Reference Number, you must provide the date, time, cost and details of the search, e.g., title search by Title Number, LINC Number or Legal Description, etc.

 Land Titles recommends that all users sign up to receive email notification of important changes or issues concerning Land Titles and SPIN 2, go to SPIN 2 News to subscribe.


When the SPIN 2 Help Desk is not available, the major benefit to having a registered logon name and profile, is the ability to reorder the same product at no extra charge on the same business day in the event that you do not receive your product in a timely manner, or you experience system problems, ours or yours (This does not apply to requests for "Hardcopy" registered documents or survey plans ordered on Paper. ALL users must contact the Help Desk to have these products reordered for you.). Additional benefits include the ability to retrieve downloads and receipts on the same business day should you forget to download your order or print your receipt.


The Spin 2 Help Desk recommends that all users review the SPIN 2 Reminders posted below before using SPIN 2.

All users, please click here to review critical Product Delivery Information.


SPIN 2 Reminders

SPIN 2 is designed to be self-taught, for detailed, immediate help, click the Help button on the SPIN 2 Menu Bar for the search feature selected.  User manuals and instructional videos for SPIN 2, and the ALTA 2 Pending Registration Request Listing (DRR/PRRL) service available through SPIN 2, are available from the SPIN 2 News website.

Online Document Registration Request (DRR) Creation
  • ALL pop-up blockers must be set to "always allow pop-ups from this website" in order for the DRR to open properly in the Adobe Reader. Contact the SPIN 2 Help Desk, 780-422-7874, if you require assistance in this matter.
Password Maintenance
  • Passwords will expire after 90 days or lock up after three incorrect attempts as per government security policy.  Note:  Multiple users sharing a "Logon Name" may have problems in accessing SPIN 2 if one or more individuals lock up the ID (e.g., when the password is changed and other users are not advised of the change).
  • You can reset your own password by clicking the "Password Reset" link on the SPIN 2 home page; next select your challenge question and enter your "case sensitive" response.  If you have forgotten your challenge question or response, or you are not the person who created the profile, then the Contact Person for the Land Titles account or the Contact Person for the SPIN 2 account may send a request to the SPIN 2 Help Desk to have the password reset (Email: spin2@gov.ab.ca or Fax: 780-422-2828). The request must include the SPIN 2 logon name and Land Titles account number (if applicable) and a number where you may be reached. Requests must include an explanation as to why you are requesting the password reset instead of doing it yourself.    
  • Due to a Government of Alberta security initiative, the AutoComplete feature for user names and passwords will no longer work on the SPIN 2 website. SPIN 2 users must manually enter their logon name and password every time they visit SPIN 2.
Registered Documents

All registered documents (and survey plans) automatically default to HTTPDownload delivery and must be downloaded before leaving SPIN 2. If you require email delivery you must change the delivery method while you are in the Shopping Cart. Note: If your registered document (or survey plan) exceeds 6500KB, the option for email delivery is removed.
  • Alphanumeric document searches were made available May 30, 2009.  All documents have not yet been imaged and users may get "no results" when requesting a search.  Effective September 1, 2009, only those documents that have not yet been imaged, or documents that exceed 200 pages, may be requested by submitting a Service Request form to either Land Titles Office.  Note:  Users requesting documents that are available online will have their Service Request returned unprocessed.  To ensure that your Service Request will be processed, users must attach a screen print from SPIN 2 indicating that "No results were returned by the search." to their Service Request form. 

  • Prior to January, 2005, imaged documents were converted to a digital format from Land Titles microfilm records; users should not expect these documents to have the same image quality as subsequent documents scanned directly through the new scanning technology implemented January, 2005.
  • Documents are unavailable online if too large for delivery by Download, Email or Fax (e.g., documents exceeding 200 pages in length).  These documents are treated as "Hardcopy" documents and must be requested by way of a Registry Agent or Service Request form submitted to either Land Titles Office.  Note:  Hardcopy document requests require physical delivery and take a minimum of 24 hours to complete.
Product Delivery
  • Clicking the Finalize Checkout out button more than once may cause users to by-pass the Download Information screen and receive the message "No items in shopping cart", guests without a logon name will then be unable to retrieve their download or receipt. Note: If the system is experiencing problems, this may also cause the system to submit the order more than once, as a result, since the first order will not yet be processed the system will not recognize a "repeat" order and charge again.
  • Guest users without a logon name, to avoid duplicate credit card charges, must immediately contact the SPIN 2 Help Desk, Monday to Friday between 8:15 am and 4:00 pm, in the event the Shopping Cart - Summary displays No items in the shopping cart, the Delivery Status of the order shows Error or you have any system or download problems (Phone: 780-422-7874, Email: spin2@gov.ab.ca or Fax: 780-422-2828).  Note:  When contacting the Help Desk, if you cannot provide your Order or Payment Reference number, you must provide the date, time, cost and details of the search (e.g., title search by Title Number, LINC number or Legal description).
  • Users with a logon name have up until the end of the current business day to retrieve "download" orders from Manage Account - View SPIN 2 Orders in the event there are download or system problems (see the Help file for Manage Account for more details).  Note:  If the delivery "status" of your order shows "Error", or if your fax or email order is not received within a reasonable time frame, you have up until the end of the current business day to reorder the exact same product at no extra charge using the exact same SPIN 2 logon name.  This does not apply to "Hardcopy" registered documents and plans on paper, to avoid duplicate charges for these products, contact the SPIN 2 Help Desk to have these products reordered on your behalf (Phone: 780-422-7874, Email: spin2@gov.ab.ca or Fax: 780-422-2828).
  • The maximum file size for email delivery of survey plans, registered documents and land survey field notes is 6500 Kilobytes (or 6.5 Megabytes); if your order exceeds this limitation, email delivery is removed.

SPIN 2 Account Login Information

Registry Agents

Fom the Welcome screen, login using your existing Alberta Registry Logon ID and password. For SPIN 2 password resets contact the SPIN 2 Help Desk, for current Fines password resets contact the GOA Help Desk.
Other Account Holders  
From the Welcome screen, click on "Guest Login", then select "Create a Private Account".  Next, create a User Profile by following the instructions on the right side of the screen.  Once your profile has been completed, logout and have the Contact Person for the Land Titles Account email or fax a request to have your SPIN 2 logon name associated to the account.  The contact person must provide the "exact" logon name you created, the Land Titles account number, their full name and a number where they can be reached (Email: spin2@gov.ab.ca or Fax: 780-422-2828).  Do not use your logon name to make purchases or add items to your cart before you have been notified by the Contact Person or the SPIN 2 Help Desk that your logon name has been associated to the account.  To avoid additional charges, if you have already added items to your shopping cart before requesting association, you must remove them from your cart before making your first purchase with your associated logon name, or if you have already made credit card purchases with the logon name, you must create a new logon name for association purposes.
Note:  If you created a SPIN 2 profile for the purpose of creating Document Registration Requests (DRRs) for submission to Land Titles or for making and managing regular SPIN 2 purchases by credit card, please be advised that you can start creating DRRs or searching SPIN 2 immediately.

Guest Login

Please use "Guest Login" to access SPIN 2 if you do NOT have a Land Titles ALTA account number and you do NOT intend to make regular SPIN 2 purchases by credit card.